Football is a popular sport played everywhere and there are many participants. Certainly, there will be many people who have achieved a Guinness record for this field. However, with many footballers, they may not have a career that is so illustrious but once they have a Guinness record that makes many people admire them. Here are some of the players who have made their names on the Guinness World Records list.

EDERSON – The pitcher reaches the maximum length

When Man City defeated Brighton in May 2018, goalkeeper Ederson was honored by Guinness with the record for making the tee shot with the longest dropkick (drop off the ball and then kicked the ball) in the ball rock. As noted, the goal kick of the Brazilian goalkeeper reached a length of 75.35 meters.

NICKLAS BENDTNER – the fastest goalscorer in the English Premier League

In the 2007-2008 season, Bendtner – then at Arsenal – needed only 1.8 seconds after coming on as a substitute to head into the net against Cesc Fabregas’ corner.

RYAN SESSEGNON – the fastest shot in the bar and post

Ryan Sessegnon made his team-mates “gasp”/Ph.theTelegraph

During a training session of the U21 team at St George’s Park, left-winger Ryan Sessegnon made his team-mates “gasp” when it took him only 7.75 seconds to hit both the column and the crossbar.

IKER CASILLAS – the player with the most goals from the centerline

In a Chinese TV challenge in 2011, goalkeeper Iker Casillas successfully put the ball into the goal 11 times within 60 seconds from the center of the field.

DAVID HIRST – fastest speed football player

When he was playing for Sheffield Wednesday, David Hirst made Arsenal goalkeeper “nightmare”. Specifically in the match on September 16, 1996, at Highbury Stadium, Hirst hit a cannon shot at 183 km/ h from a distance of 13.5 meters to hit the crossbar.

JAMIE REDKNAPP – shooting at unique height

The record for catching the ball in the air now belongs to former Liverpool star Jamie Redknapp from a height of 39m.

JAVIER ZANETTI – the largest battle of the Serie

The former captain and now assuming the role of Inter Milan vice president Javier Zanetti has made many colleagues admire him when he did not miss any of the matches in Serie A from October 28, 2006 to December 13 / 2009.

LIONEL MESSI – the best player to read in 1 year

Messi also scored the most goals in a season with 82 goals/DailyMail

“La Pulga” scored 90 goals in the 2012 calendar year, surpassing Gerd Mueller’s previous record of 85 goals in 1972. Messi also scored the most goals in a season with 82 goals in 2011/12, 7 more goals than Pele season 1957/58.

PAOLO MALDINI – the greatest player preserves the military strap in Champions League

In the match against Arsenal on February 20, 2008, Paolo Maldini with captain armband AC Milan became the oldest captain ever to play in the Champions League at 39 and 239 days. He also holds the record for the number of minutes played at the World Cup with 2. 217 minutes.

HAKAN SUKUR – the fastest score  of World Cup history

On June 29, 2002, striker Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in World Cup history, taking just 11 seconds to hit the home side of Korea in the Third Division match. In the end, Turkey defeated Korea with a score of 3-2 and won 3rd place.

PELE – the youngest player recorded in CK World Cup

Pele attended the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17. At that tournament, he left a deep impression. Pele still holds the record for the youngest player to score in the World Cup finals (17 years, 239 days), the youngest player to score a hat-trick (17 years, 244 days) and the youngest player to score in the final (  17 years old, 249 days).

SADIO MANE – the fastest hat-trick external

Liverpool striker Sadio Mane, while still playing for Southampton, had the fastest hat-trick in the Premier League. In May 2015, Mane only took 2 minutes 56 seconds to get the achievement against Aston Villa. Watch at W88 – the official partner of this football club..

ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI – a score in 11 continues

Lewandowski has scored a total of 16 goals/Ph.Thenational

Lewandowski has scored in 11 consecutive games from August 16 to November 9, 2019. In total, Lewandowski has scored a total of 16 goals.

GIANLUIGI BUFFON – Goalkeeper with the most minutes in the Serie 

In the 2015/16 season, Buffon turned the Juve goal into a fortress with a 973-minute string of clean sheets (breaking Sebastiano Rossi’s Serie A record in Milan in 1993/94 season, with 929 minutes). By March 20, 2016, Buffon’s net had to vibrate in the Turin derby.

SHANE LONG – the most fastest score player in English

In the very tough match at Watford in 2019, Southampton had an early advantage in an unbelievable way. Immediately after the opening whistle, Shane Long immediately rushed to win the ball. His pressure forced center-back Craig Cathcart to fail. The ball fell in the right position for Shane Long to jump before the exquisite lob over the goalkeeper Ben Foster opened the score in the second of 7.69 seconds.

SERGIO RAMOS – Player wins most with the national team

Since Ramos made his Spain debut in a friendly against China in 2005, he has won 127 wins with “Gaur”.

PETER CROUCH – most Premier League player

The striker with the nickname “Garden Crane” once scored 52 goals in the Premier League. So far, no one has balanced, let alone surpassed Crouch’s record.

CRISTIANO RONALDO – a score in 4 continuous Euro finals

Ronaldo has scored in 4 different Euro finals in his career. If he can score goals in EURO 2020 held in 2021, Ronaldo will create a new record of this tournament.

KEVIN DE BRUYNE – The player has 50 fastest creations outside of England

With an assist for Sergio Aguero to score against Bournemouth in August 2019, Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne broke the old record that Mesut Ozil (Arsenal) had set in 2018. Specifically, De Bruyne needs 123 matches to reach the fastest 50 assists in the Premier League. Ozil, meanwhile, needs 141 games to get that number.

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The matches and players in the world though will not be so famous and popular.  But they have unintentionally created unimaginable things that no one can do. Football has many interesting and new things, it is always waiting for us to explore. I hope this article will help you know the names of the players who have written their names on the Guinness world record. You must think football is amazing, isn’t it?