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Traditionally, the only time punters were allowed to place bets on football matches is before the game started, and as soon as action was underway, one was locked into the bets they have already made. However, today bookmakers offer a whole different experience for punters. One can place additional wagers as the game continues based on how things are going. That is known as live betting or in-play betting. Some sites allow you to watch a live stream to see what’s happening and analyze your predictions.

The wagers may be offered in quarters or various periods of the game and at times after every single play or drive. The unique thing about live wagering is that one can bet on different things at any point in the game. The betting types and how they change are dependant on the technological capabilities of the wagering site. Online sportsbooks such as the Netbet Sport have various betting options since they have the technical capacity to keep up with the action.

Principles of live betting

If you are a newbie in live football betting, you have to familiarize yourself with strategies to start on the right track. In live betting, you will be making split-second decisions during predictions, and the following guidelines can help you avoid some common pitfalls.

Begin with a pregame bet

Pick a pregame bet as a starting point. That enables you to do your research and ensure you are in a better position to join the game’s action. It is not a requirement, but it gives you better options for going into the game. Many fans employ in-play betting to test their game knowledge skills after thoroughly analyzing the football match. The flexibility comes when you have a pregame bet, to begin with.

Understand your limits

A fast pace in in-play betting can make you get carried away if you are not careful. Since you might be placing multiple wagers in real-time, monitoring how much time and action is ongoing is crucial. Ensure you keep track of how much you are putting into the game to avoid exceeding your limits. You can set up a spreadsheet to monitor everything if you are streaming the game on your laptop or desktop. If you are one of the fans with a lot of in-play betting going on, it is advisable to pick a site with a good user interface that allows you to all your wagers at a go.

Keep your eye on the match


In-play betting or live football betting is all about getting into the game’s action and identifying where the momentum is heading to. Live wagering requires you to keep your eye on the match since you might catch something that will help make a better prediction. That is why it is good to only focus on one or two games.

If you want to focus on multiple games at once, you will miss out on many things. Many fans miss out on watching an entire game because they have numerous actions elsewhere that they have wagered on. The basic idea behind live wagering is to identify angles and ways to get an edge while enjoying the match.

Understand the user interface

Live betting interfaces may appear different than what you are used to in the traditional odd charts. A live betting interface keeps on updating and changing, which can be confusing at times. So, take your time to understand the interface before you go ahead to place a wager.

It is a bad idea to wait until the game begins, and then you start learning how to place live bets as the game continues. You are more likely to make a mistake this way and miss out on something you could have taken advantage of. Plus, the numbers and wagering lines are constantly changing, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the user interface beforehand.

Begin with traditional bets

If you are a beginner, don’t begin with live betting. You can begin with traditional bets and see how they work first before heading on to in-play betting. That enables you to familiarize yourself with the wagering lines, payouts, and other aspects to avoid getting into a mistake so early.

The takeaway

Incredible advancements have made in-play betting a possibility allowing football fans to enjoy the action while analyzing the game. But, you should first understand the various aspects of live betting and its limitations. Also, keep in mind that live betting is only to enjoy the game and not guarantee cash wins.