This summer, Inter has noticeably transformed for the better. The team appointed a new head coach and managed to strengthen qualitatively, which immediately and positively affected its results. All football livescores will be in front of you at a glance if you open the site of sports statistics.

Inter almost entirely started the new season. The team at the start of the championship only once lost to Juventus and tied with Parma, and the rest was only victories. Probably, even the most sincere optimists could not imagine such a result.

The appointment of Antonio Conte now seems to be a strategically right step, because the team has managed to transform and now combines a very reliable defense with a fresh attack, in which Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku shine. They play so that the fans of Inter have already forgotten about Mauro Icardi, who had been the club’s top scorer for several seasons in a row.

Of course, the football livescores of the Champions League club could have been better. It can be seen that there the team still lacks experience and a sufficient number of fresh performers.

However, the main goal of the team, and this is no secret to anyone, is successful performance in the domestic arena. Ideally, you can challenge Juventus over a long distance, but the most important thing is to qualify for Champions League next season confidently.

Will Inter fight for victory in Serie A this season?

By considering the progress that the team has already made under the leadership of Antonio Conte, there is no doubt that in the future, it will be able to fight for the Serie A gold medals. However, there are many people, who believe that Nerra Zurri is already able to compete for the title, because in their favor testifies:

  1. The focus of Juventus on the performance in the Champions League. Because of this, the “old Signora” may not give all the best in every match, which will affect its results.
  2. The vast experience of Antonio Conte. The mentor won the championships of Italy and England, so he knows how to distribute forces over a long distance properly. From the first matches under his leadership, Inter managed to transform qualitatively.
  3. Motivation. Inter has not become Serie A champion since Mourinho, and the current season is the best chance for a long time to rectify the situation.

There is still more than half of the championship ahead, so anything can happen, and the first half of the season has demonstrated, that Inter is quite ready to compete even with the recognized local hegemon.