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Writing an essay on football topics is exciting, especially if you are into sports and football in particular. But how do you approach such an essay? It might sound like lots of fun, and it actually is, but you should also know how to make a well-structured, informative, and just all-around professional essay. There are several tricks that might help you construct an essay that is not just entertaining to read but also useful to the reader, the essay that provides the audience with some new pieces of knowledge, and contains a compelling narrative that is engaging to the reader.

So, how do you accomplish that? Well, there’s no need to stray off the beaten path because you can use the knowledge of people who’ve been there before. Here’s the list of steps you must make to end up with a great essay on a football topic.

Choose a Specific Topic

Your topic needs to be more specific than just “football”, that should be clear. You cannot make a good essay on such a broad topic — people write entire books about football and they still cannot cover the topic in its full extent. This means you need to pick a specific aspect of this topic you feel you can describe in a short essay in a proper manner. Write about some aspect of FIFA management, explain what referees do on the field and why they are so important, or why do you love football and why this game is special to you.

In the end, you need to come up with a topic that is both exciting and informative to the audience. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a pointless and dull piece of writing nobody’s going to care about, so you must first take some time picking the right topic.


Ok, you’ve chosen the topic and are all set to start writing. Hold up for a second here! You need to make sure you know everything about the topic. To write a good essay, you need to be really good at what you are writing about. Let’s say you are writing about the role of referees on the field, which might be something new and exciting to most people who are not familiar with football. To make your writing shine, make sure you are 100% aware of what referees do on the field. Go through some information you’ll find online, get some good sources, study the topic, and only then will you be ready to write your essay.

Of course, if you are writing about something more personal, like why do you love football or how it influenced your life, outside research would be redundant because you are writing about your personal experiences. Still, you might want to include some facts about sports, so why not use the Internet and make some research while you are still here?

Create an Outline

The outline is essential for writing your essay. With a detailed outline, your writing will go much easier and you’ll end up with a well-paced and structured essay that goes from one sub-topic to another fluently. Experienced writers who write essays for money UK claim that outline is like 80% of success in writing any essay. So, before you start, develop a good outline that will help you write an essay that flows from one point to another seamlessly rather than just compulsively jump around giving people nothing but confusion and headache.

Write Your Essay

Here we go! That’s where you can finally start writing your essay. Once all the preps are done, sit in your favourite chair, make yourself a good cup of coffee, and start writing. Trust me, if you’ve been patient and actually went through previous stages, writing would be the easiest part. With a good topic, all the information you’ve gathered, and a detailed outline, writing your essay would be nothing but a walk through the park. Going from one point of the outline to another, you’ll construct an essay that is informative, fluent, and exciting both for you and your audience. So, please, do pay attention to preparations that come before actual writing because that is how you ensure top-notch quality of your writing.

Proofread It

After you finished your work, and if you have enough time before submission, put your essay aside and do something else. Return to your essay in some time and go through it. Doing so, you’ll find some mistakes as well as some redundant stuff. Some people say that you should trim away like 20% of your draft on a proofread stage. Whether it would be exactly 20% or not, you will most likely find some redundancies in your writing, so you better get rid of those. Once you are done, congratulations! Your football essay is ready.

Wrap Up

As you see, writing an essay, even on such entertaining topics as football, is not at all that easy. You need to pay attention to your writing, be patient and careful, and most importantly, prepare before you start. So, good luck to you, go ahead and write your football essay that will hopefully score you a good mark and introduce your audience to the wonderful world of sportsmanship and competition.