With the rumours of Jurgen Klopp quitting Liverpool after their Premier League defeat to Leicester at the weekend, it got me to thinking about the knock-on effect that could have on football if it did happen and how world football would then look in a totally made up parallel universe.

Let’s pretend for a second that it did all get too much for Klopp at Anfield – to be fair, I was unaware that his mother had passed away during this time and the impact of not being able to attend her funeral? Well, I can only imagine.

But, this is a pretend world where Jurgen has called it a day.

Rumours naturally swirl at the potential replacements. Steven Gerrard’s name is expectedly linked and is by far and away the fan’s favourite – but Gerrard is torn. He is about to win Rangers’ first title in many, many years and is concerned that the Liverpool job has come too soon for him.

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Given Liverpool’s style of play, when they are doing it right, Julian Nagelsmann of RB Leipzig’s name is also mentioned. Young, dynamic, German, a big fan of pressing – there are a lot of good reasons for his name to be linked.

It’s not just outside of the Premier League where the rumour mill is turning, though – Ralph Hasenhuttl has impressed the Liverpool board with his work at Southampton and he is on their shortlist. But, understandably, Southampton are reluctant to let him go mid-season (even if he has overseen a 9-0 defeat in recent weeks).

Some hipster Liverpool fans suggest that they could nab Marcelo Bielsa from Leeds – Leeds fans take massive offence to that suggestion and fully believe that if Bielsa has a contract with them he will honour it.

There are murmurs that Nuno Espirito Santo would fancy the gig – but the problem is the same with Hasenhuttl, not until next season.

The dilemma for the powers that be at Anfield is huge – do they go all guns for Steven Gerrard who would please the fans but could, realistically, be another Frank Lampard scenario?

And if they can’t get him – or anyone else on the list until the summer – what next? Maybe Chelsea have a list of caretakers they could call on?

Former Juventus coach Max Allegri is still out of work but realistically, his style of football doesn’t really match what Liverpool have.

And then it happens – it is announced that Julian Nagelsmann will join the club next season but in the meantime, Robbie Fowler has been pulled into ala Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to see them through to the end of the season.

Dominos start to tumble – Liverpool managed to draw their first leg with Leipzig in the Champions League yet now next season’s coach is in the dugout. All the confusion and emotion http://www.gulfportpharmacy.com confuses matters and somehow Liverpool steal through and Fowler has a win in his first game.

With the Premier League title very much in City’s hands, Fowler takes a page out of the Bobby Di Matteo playbook and puts all his eggs in the Champions League basket – somehow, PSG are eliminated at the next stage as the Reds start to click back into gear.

Bayern are seen off in the semi-finals leaving Liverpool to face Sergio Ramos for the last time – in a Champions League Final with all the fans back in the stadium.

There’s no way Liverpool are losing this and Mo Salah takes great pride in netting all three in a 3-2 win for Fowler’s team.

European Champions once again – what odds on this fantasy world actually existing?