At the current stage of development of the gaming business, many gamblers like to play in non uk licensed casinos, and bet on sporting events. Game types are a priority, special attention is paid to football, as its popularity is out of competition. Recently, more and more often in the game began to apply the strategy of betting on the favorite in the match. Its author is not known, but the point is that all bets are on a clear leader, whose victory is estimated by the bookmaker in the range from 1.2 to 1.4. Thus, the probability of victory of this favorite is at least seventy percent. It is recommended to put the whole bank at once, to spray funds in this situation is not profitable. But whether this strategy works, we’ll find out later.

Betting strategy on the favorite in football, its pros, and cons

You can bet on football in many gambling establishments, including non-uk licensed casinos like, real or virtual does not matter. The main thing is to choose the right strategy, but here the tips are different – the choice of player. Many are attracted to the strategy of betting on a clear leader of the competition. But any strategic combination, even the most attractive and safe, must be analyzed in all directions. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of team, here, at least, preference should be given to top champions, such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, PSG, and others. The probability of contract matches in these cases is negligible or even impossible. This strategy should be applied at the beginning of the season until the teams have entered the European Cup, the players are full of strong and healthy, functional training at the height, better than the rivals below the class. When the season reaches the equator, you need to switch to fewer top teams in Europe, Asia, and the world at large.

Frankly, this strategy is not always effective, and in some cases ineffective, as the success rate is the distance gain, not the instant gain. Not only is the coefficient meager, but it also takes into account the margin of the office, so you have to bet much larger amounts, and also any series is interrupted, leveling all efforts. This strategic decision is absolutely not suitable for playing at a distance, but in local situations, it will be much more effective. Here are some practical tips for successfully applying your favorite betting strategy:

  • The game should start after the second or third round of the championship season when it becomes clear the actual readiness of the teams and the physical condition of the players;
  • You can try to play in live format when the course of events is clear and visual;
  • It is not desirable to apply the strategy of betting on the leader in the European Cups, there may be unpredictable situations, as they have their own motivation;
  • You can or should pay attention to the championships of other regions of the world, there will also be several teams that have decent budgets and are constantly in the lead in competitions.

In addition to these tips, it is advisable, before applying the strategy of betting on a clear favorite, to pay attention to some subjective circumstances and situations in order to properly navigate the next steps, so:

  • The real favorite has no, at the end of the championship, no motivation to win, because the team has already secured the title of a champion;
  • If the game takes place in extreme weather conditions, the technical skills and abilities of the players are leveled by these celestial troubles;
  • The favorite is preparing to meet the opponent, having a series of matches without a win.

According to statistics, in football competitions, clear favorites win, only in half of the cases (50%). Therefore, the mentioned strategy can be applied only in absolutely predictable matches, if we want to get the planned win. For example, in the 29th round of the Bundesliga, season 2019/2020, Borussia Dortmund won away to Paderborn, with a score of 6: 1. Before the game, the coefficient for the victory of the hosts was 8.7, for the guests 1.33, the difference is several times. This game is perfect for applying strategy. Of course, matches need to be analyzed, not blindly follow the odds, as the situation on the field is influenced by the above factors, which can radically change the final result.

Conclusion on the tactics of applying the strategy of betting on the favorite

The application of the strategy of betting on the leader in football competitions requires a sufficient level of informative awareness in the world of this sport. In addition, each game, if not played during the live broadcast, requires careful analysis, taking into account all the factors that can lead to the team’s defeat, namely: contract matches, weather conditions, lack of motivation, change of team composition, physical and moral fatigue of players and others. The strategy will not be useful for playing at a distance, but for local earnings, it can be tested.