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In the world of modern online gambling, there has been an interesting trend over the past couple of years of mixing casino features with bookmakers. The sites of well-known bookmakers open sections with slot machines, and on the sites of casinos – sports betting. Despite the absolute difference between the approaches to sports betting and to gambling in a casino, the average user still combines these two areas in his head under the general concept of gambling.

What to choose for gambling: soccer betting or gambling

Each gambling direction has its own specifics. Of course, the casino conquers with the possibility of easy play. For example, you don’t need any practice at all to spin the reels in slot machines. The numerous varieties of card games are a little more complicated, but even in those, the rules have not changed for decades. It is enough to study them once and then you can practice at tournaments all your life. Immersed in the bookmaker world, you will have to constantly study tons of information about events in the world of sports, analytics, forecasts. To come just like that and make a bet at random – it is unlikely that something will come of it more sensible.

As for the organization of the gameplay itself, there are also differences. In a bookmaker, you need to be able to quickly navigate the profitability of the odds, in the margin, in order to understand under what conditions the bet can really be profitable. This is especially important when playing live – many bookmakers now provide an opportunity to drop a coupon that has ceased to be profitable, albeit at a lower price. In a casino, you need to be able to understand bonus promotions. Of course, you can play without bonuses, but still, with the right approach with bonuses, you can win more, but here it is also important which bonuses are more profitable – success depends on the size of the wager, the size of the limits and other factors.

How to play slots correctly

For example, in the non gamstop casino sites there can be from several tens to hundreds of slot machines, and in an online institution there can be up to one and a half thousand slots. Slots are offered in different types:

  • conventional drums: from traditional one-armed bandits with three reels to 9-reel novelties;
  • imitating card games: from varieties of poker to blackjack and baccarat;
  • table games: these are all varieties of roulettes.

Modern online slots amaze with their variety and splendor. They have come a long way in evolutionary development from mechanical machines with three reels to modern developments, shining with multi-level bonus games, free spins rounds, special symbols, drop options, and many other features. The machines can be:

  • three-, five-, seven-, nine-drum;
  • one to five to seven to nine linear, many linear and nonlinear (winnings are based on a large number of allowable combinations);
  • with and without jackpots;
  • with different percentages of return: in land-based casinos, there are usually devices with a return of 80%, the generally accepted lower limit of return in online gambling is at least 94%;
  • with different volatility: it can be medium, low, high: the higher the Volatility, the larger the winnings, but they can be won much less often

For an interesting productive game, you should carefully consider the choice of the machine. An ideal option is a hot slot with a high percentage of return. If in an online casino it is not difficult to choose such a slot – this can be done in the popular or tops sections, in ordinary casinos, players sit near the rows of slot machines and see who wins how much and on which machine. As a rule, slots that have recently delighted users with frequent wins fall into the popular category.

Having navigated the variety of bonus promotions and having chosen the most profitable one, having picked up a good responsive slot machine, you can start playing. The gameplay is usually not particularly difficult. The main thing is to maintain financial discipline so as not to spend your bankroll fast enough.

Which is better: sports betting or slot machines

In fact, these 2 types of gambling entertainment complement each other perfectly. After a hard day at work or when you want a relaxing break – slot machines and other casino games are the best choices. Moreover, if the casino presents new developments for machines and modernized old popular slots, playing which you can have a great time. If a person wants to place bets, is fond of sports, and is close to the latest news from sports matches, why not bets? You can win quite serious sums on them. But in the latter case, of course, experience, knowledge, and the ability to cope with emotionality are important, especially when playing live.