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A goalkeeper’s role on the football pitch is to stop the opponents from scoring a goal, or at least as many as possible.

However, there have been managers in the past who have either missed that memo or have just thought ‘if not, why not’.

Playing a player in a position that they are not generally accustomed to is a bold move to begin with, however some individuals are perhaps more adaptable than some of their team-mates. Being adaptable is a vital skill that be can used in all walks of life and one that everyone should learn, whether it be a gambler that is looking for a new online casino or a worker looking for a new job or challenge.

Now, goalkeepers generally tend to be better with their hands than they are with their feet. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule as there are a few individuals that can be named as being exceptionally good with both, however they are very few and far between.

Nonetheless, there have been three different matches over the years that stand out in which a ‘keeper has been asked to do something a little different compared to their normal day job.

David James

Perhaps one of the most famous ones to have ever been witnessed was during Manchester City’s match with Middlesbrough in 2005. The Citizens needed a goal to qualify for the UEFA Cup and Stuart Pearce decided David James was the name for the task.

Indeed, the shot-stopper had already been on the pitch for the duration of the match in his normal role, however ‘Physco’ decided the former England international would be a great option for the Sky Blues to target in the box as they pushed for the goal.

And, to Pearce’s credit, the move appeared to be working extremely well! Equipped with his own outfield shirt that had his name and number printed on, James would be involved in the penalty area when Manchester City received a penalty.

However, Robbie Fowler missed his spot-kick which ultimately saw Boro qualify for the 2005/06 UEFA Cup instead. Bettors, for example, will want to have better luck than Fowler did from 12 yards when they hit places like cancasinos online casino as they look for the best bets available.

Beijing Renhe

Aleksandar Stanojevic, who currently manages Serbian outfit Partizan Belgrade, had the audacity to channel his own inner Stuart Pearce whilst in charge of Beijing Renhe.

In their match against Guangzhou Evergrande in the fifth round of the Chinese FA Cup in 2016, Stanojevic just appeared to throw the coaching manual out of the window as he decided to play two goalkeepers as strikers – with each of them coming on as substitutes – and keep one shot-stopper in his natural position.

They were beaten 5-0 in the end, however they did not concede when all three goalkeepers were on the pitch

Mendiola United

Filipino football is hardly popular, however what happened just days ago might attract some new audiences!

In an important fixture between Maharlika Manila and Mendiola United, in which both sides were fighting it out to obtain qualification for the following season’s continental competition, Mendiola United held a two-goal lead as they entered the final moments of the game.

However, coach Dan Padernal decided it would be the perfect opportunity to bring on one of his goalkeepers to replace a striker. Kenry Balobo entered the game wearing the number two shirt and helped his side to keep a clean sheet – perhaps because the hosts were just so confused about what was happening.