First, briefly about the technique. The national teams were not included in the rating, as they have a separate history with their concept of the gaming cycle and season when betting in an best non casino.

Ten clubs deserve your attention, which:

  • won one, or better, several tournaments
    • set one, or better, several records
    • influenced the development of football on one scale or another.

“ARSENAL”, 2003-04

The most titled team on our list. That Arsenal managed to win only the Premier League, but in what style! 26 wins, 12 draws, and 0 (zero) defeats. To go through the entire tournament in England without losing a single time, only Preston previously managed 115 years ago, in the very first season of the championship.

With Bergkamp, ​​Henri, Pires, Ljungberg, and Vieira, Londoners could not help but dominate in almost every Premier League match, missing, however, several times, victory in the last minutes. Wenger’s side never lost the score in the final 20 minutes that season, and the streak had a real chance of breaking off only once – Van Nistelrooy missed a penalty kick in injury time (0-0) in round eight at Old Trafford.

Arsenal became the champion back in April, and the next season brought the unbeaten run to 49 matches (it was cut short, ironically, all at the same Manchester United). In cup tournaments, the Gunners were less fortunate (relegations in the semifinals of local competitions and the Champions League quarterfinals), but the achievement in the English Championship – definitely the strongest in the world at that time – cannot be underestimated.

At the end of the season, the club received a special gold-plated copy of the trophy as a sign that it managed to go down in history as the most profitable team in online casinos. At the 2012/04 Premier League 20 Seasons Awards, Arsenal received the Best Team award.

LIVERPOOL, 1975-84

“I consider it a failure. We never celebrate second place, ”said Bob Paisley after the 1974/75 season. This was his second year at the helm of Liverpool, ruled by the legendary Bill Shankly for 15 years.

With Paisley, the Reds have won the league seven times, adding to that four UEFA European Cup victories and four in the local arena. Only 21 trophies in nine years. It was the first, without any reservations, a real football dynasty in England. The only thing that she did not submit was the Cup of the country. Bob went down in history as the first English coach to win the main European trophy. Before him, his Scottish counterparts Jock Stein (Celtic) and Sir Matt Busby (Manchester United) have achieved similar success.

That Liverpool played quite simply, but for some reason, they posed very difficult tasks for their opponents. Paisley himself said that the main thing is “to give the ball to a teammate who is in a better position. In this case, the giver must make it so that it is convenient to receive the ball ”. Pass and open – this is the basic principle that Paisley inherited from Shankly and passed on to Joe Fagan. He, by the way, also asked the players “not to complicate things” and with this approach won three tournaments in a season.

Unfortunately, Liverpool’s European success ended with the infamous 1985 final against Juventus and the removal of all English clubs from the mainland. The Reds continued to collect trophies in their own country, this time with Kenny Daglish. But the scale of what was happening was no longer the same.

“BAVARIA”, 1973-76

Beckenbauer, Breitner, Hoeneß, and Müller are at their peak – this alone is enough to consider that squad the best in the history of, at least, German football. By the way, this very football was then almost in greater order than in our time. In 1974, in addition to the two titles of Bayern Munich (the German championship and the Champions Cup), there were victories of Magdeburg in the Cup Winners’ Cup and the German national team at the homeworld championship.

Udo Lattek, and later Dettmar Kramer, willingly used personal custody with Beckenbauer as a libero, who could also be a playmaker. When he and Sepp Mayer first started at the Bayern school, it was not the most popular club even in the city (Munich 1860 held the palm). Subsequently, Bayern became the leader not only in the country but throughout Europe, as well as the base club for the German national team.

From 1974 to 1976, the Munich side took the Champions Cup three times in a row, conceding only one goal in all the finals. In 1975, even without winning the Intercontinental Cup (both teams refused to participate), it was clear who was the best in the world. That was proved a year later thanks to the meeting with the Brazilian Cruzeiro.


It is believed that that team was very lucky, and the quintessence of this luck was the Champions League final with goals “on the flag”. But the fact is that Alex Ferguson’s teams have always fought to the last, and three tournaments (plus the Premier League and the FA Cup) cannot be won on one fortune. By the way, Ferguson himself got the sir precisely at the end of that season, which once again emphasizes how the dominance of that “MU” was perceived in Britain.

Over the entire season, the Mancunians have played as many as 59 matches, thanks to a couple of replays in the FA Cup and the incessant struggle for the title in other tournaments. In this context, just three defeats in the Premier League look doubly surprising. Man United’s unbeaten streak was 33 matches. The team’s fans put it on a par with the Busby Babes on the list of the greatest squads in the club’s history non gamstop sports betting sites.

The golden generation in the person of Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Keane, Butt, the Neville brothers perfectly complemented the veterans Irwin and Schmeichel. There was such a great choice in the attack (Cole, York, Solskjaer, Sheringham) that anyone could be released at any moment, being sure that he would score. This is how Manchester United became the first English club since Liverpool in 1984 to win a major European competition.

By the end of the season, Manchester United topped the list of the most valuable clubs in the world and the most attractive sports brands on the planet. This is called being the best.

“REAL”, 2015- …

Three Champions League finals in four years (one conceded goal separated from participation in the fourth). The victorious finals, which is important. “Real” with the most expressive part of Zinedine Zidane’s body broke through the wall that did not want to crumble – defended the title of the strongest club in Europe.

Right now, Real, with all its rich history, continues to rewrite both its records and achievements in the most respected tournaments. The 69-match streak with goals scored is still relevant and in a month will become a record all-time (now ahead of Santos with 74 games). Zidane still does not want to lose at the Camp Nou (three times in a row at the start of his career – no one has succeeded). Ronaldo came out on top in goals in the history of the top 5 European leagues last season.

There is a feeling that the most important thing for this “Real” is yet to come. The club is very competently preparing for the change of generations – some of the youth (Asensio, Vazquez) are giving fire now, some (Theo, Ceballos) will do it very soon. This is all to a lesser extent the team of the magnificent BBC trio (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano), the accents in it are shifting more and more to midfield. “Real” is becoming more and more integral directly in the game itself. Some time will pass – and he will not have to wait for Ramos’ goal in stoppage time or a miracle from Ronaldo. Then, most likely, you will need to move the team even higher in this ranking.