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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the way you view and follow sports in the United States has changed forever. Of course, the technology has improved, but it is the introduction of sports betting and the odds that have brought about the biggest change. 

You are going to see NFL odds on every single NFL broadcast that you see moving forward, and this used to be something that was never included. The NFL, along with other professional leagues, has embraced the sports betting industry, and they are also looking to make money off of it. Always make sure you are as up to date as possible by tracking odds through sites like BetUS.

It is getting harder and harder to watch a sporting event without getting overwhelmed with the betting odds for that particular game. Before long, all broadcasts of sporting events are going to include live betting options as well, which will bring about another change as well.

Even though professional sports attempted to fight against sports betting for as long as possible, it has now taken over professional sports. 

U.S. Industry Continues to Grow

Heading into 2022, there are now more than half of the United States with legal sports betting options. Just a few years ago, Nevada was the only state allowed to accept a bet on a sporting event, but that has changed in a hurry. 

New Jersey is now the state with the biggest sports betting industry, and the numbers that come from that state are simply unheard of. New Jersey has had a couple of months with a sports betting handle of more than $1 billion, and that shows the unlimited potential of legal sports betting. 

Not only is sports betting available at retail casinos throughout the United States, but it has been mobile betting that has really transformed the industry. FanDuel is the top online sportsbook in the country, but DraftKings has kept some pressure on the leader.

By the end of 2022, close to 40 different states could have legal sports betting options. There are still a few states that are unwilling to change the current betting laws, but those states are feeling a ton of pressure from the rest of the country.

Sportsbooks Now In Stadiums

2021 saw a new venture in sports betting, and it is one that is only going to continue to get bigger in 2022 and beyond. There are now retail sportsbooks established in professional sports stadiums, and that list is only going to grow in the future. 

Washington D.C. has been the center of this new betting opportunity as Capital One Arena has set up a retail sportsbook. Capital One Arena is home to the Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals. 

In 2022, a number of retail sportsbooks are going to open up at MLB stadiums throughout the country. Even though betting on baseball has not been as popular in recent years, adding a sportsbook to the stadium will change the sports betting game moving forward. 

Mobile Apps Live Stream Sports

Not only has the sports betting industry moved to online, but mobile sports betting apps now live stream games as well. Signing up for an online sportsbook can open up a world of possibilities, and it can also allow you to watch games from your mobile device. 

Mobile sportsbook apps cannot offer live streams of any games that they choose, but that is usually included in any sports betting deals. If an operator is able to partner with an entire league, then the ability to live stream a sporting event is usually included. 

Using a mobile sportsbook app to live stream a sporting event can pay some big dividends when attempting to make a live or in-play bet as well. You won’t find some of the top sports on a live stream at a mobile sportsbook, but you should find plenty of good games each day. 

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