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Some realm of normality might be on the verge of making it’s very much needed return with most of Europe’s top leagues starting to put in motion the plans to make football get back underway.

That news will be welcomed by almost everyone with a love for the game, although it will also be rejoiced by those that have another passion that they combine with the beautiful game; the ability to play along by making bets as the action unfolds.

That is right, sportsbooks and casinos will have also greeted the news with joyous expressions as they will be able to start to offer you all the games and in-play action that they were able to do so before the current pandemic as those that look to make some financial wealth or just like to see if they can make a correct prediction about what happens next.

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With the football about to get back underway, we thought it would be the best time to provide you with a quick refresher on how to make the most from the in-play experience, and for those of you who have never done it, then we will give you an easy guide as to how to and what to expect.

1/ Go to your preferred sportsbook/bookmaker

Once the action is underway, go to the sportsbook/bookmaker of your choice either through their website or app and look for the game that you are following and click on that to access all the options available to you.

2/ Making a decision

As in-play suggests, the action is currently happening and, therefore, odds are likely to change at any given point because of what is currently going on in the game.

Depending on the sport being watched, there will be a number of different options available. With Football, there will be a ‘next goal’ or ‘team to score first’ etc.

3/ Making the bet

Once you have made the decision as to what you feel will happen next, click the bet and confirm it. Once you have done that, it will either be ecstasy or anger as you wait to see if your selection comes in.

It really is as simple as 1-2-3!

The beauty of in-play betting is that it is not just restricted to football. The possibilities are truly endless as almost every single competitive sport allows bookmakers to be able to offer the latest odds on different moments that can happen whilst in action.

Whether you like to dabble in what the outcome of the next ball bowled in cricket will result in, how the next series of a drive by an NFL organisation will turn out or whether a golfer will be able to finish the hole in a certain number of shots, there is clearly a bet available for all users when it comes to the in-play markets.