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Football is the oldest sport on the planet and one of the sports that present an opportunity for lucrative careers. Professional footballers rake in millions of dollars weekly. Football also has the biggest tournament in the world, which attracts billions of live viewership from all over the world; the World Cup. Playing football is also as easy as playing lottó. The best thing about it is that you can also play a virtual game and still enjoy it as if you were playing in real-life. In other words, football is for everyone, including the physically disabled.

There are also various prestigious football tournaments, which include the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. So, how do you understand football as a beginner? Remember, reasons that may make you want to understand football may not necessarily be for playing. Understanding football rules will also help you in sports betting, especially if you are a live gambler. Here is a quick guide for all football beginners outside there:

Players and equipment

You can play football in as much as you have a ball, pitch, and gaming gear. Other essentials may now include match officials who ensure that the match is free and fair. Two teams play football at a go, with both teams having 11 players. Among the 11 team members, one is goalkeeper while the rest are outside players.

The objective of the game

The main objective of the game is always to score more goals than your opponent within the 90-minute playing timeframe. The whole game is divided into equal halves of 45 minutes each. Players also take a 15-minute break after the first half before resuming for the second half. You can score as many goals as you can in any half because there isn’t a limitation.


Scores mark the most memorable parts of the game because they determine the winner. Scoring requires that you hit the ball with any part of the body but the arms. The arm area starts from your fingers to the downer part of your shoulder. The ball must cross the goal line for it to be regarded as a valid legitimate goal. If the opponent goalkeeper punches the ball, but it still slips past him/her and goes into the net, then that is still a goal.

Winning the game

Winning is the most important part of the game, just like in a powerball draw. The victory means that you have to score more goals than your opponent. If the scores are odd within the 90 minutes of the game, then it ends there. However, there is always extra time for injuries, which is normally between one and six minutes. There might also be a thirty-minute extra time to decide a winner, after which there might be penalty shootouts. The goalkeepers are also prohibited from using their hands to save the ball outside the 18-yard box. Such a mistake results in a penalty or foul kick.

Basic rules

Unlike many games, football is guided by simple rules which you can learn and perfectly understand in less than two days. For instance, players are punished with either a yellow card or red card, depending on the severity of the foul. More than one yellow card in a single match also amounts to a red card, which is equivalent to being thrown out of the match.