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The first Manchester derby of the 2022/23 season is upon us, as Manchester City is set to host its history-long rivals; Manchester United, in a long-awaited fixture. The clash between the two top teams was the second top 6 fixture for the season after Manchester United faced and defeated Arsenal in Gameweek 6.

While the Premier League season is ongoing, fans can enjoy the games and also place wagers on betting sites at, where there are the best sportsbooks in Portugal. The Manchester derby goes as far back as 1881. There have been 187 games between the two teams in all competitions, with United winning 77, City winning 57, and 53 games ending in draws.

This season, there have been some significant changes at both Manchester clubs. City finally has world-class forward Erling Haaland leading their line and United now has Erik ten Hag as their manager. The fierce competition between the two clubs, which has grown more ferocious in recent years as a result of City’s successes, is one thing that will not change. After a terribly disappointing campaign the previous season, United will be eager to demonstrate that they can once again compete with City.

Manchester United’s last 4 games were victories, demonstrating a significant improvement after a few poor performances in the premier league at the beginning of the season. Manchester City on the other hand has won 5 matches out of 7, and the remaining 2 matches ended in a draw. Last season, Manchester City defeated United in both home and away derbies, taking maximum points on their way to winning the league. Going into the derby, Manchester City are definitely the stronger and better side, they are also more likely to win the match.

Spirits and Morale are extremely high on both sides, as the players and fans alike are greatly anticipating this fixture. After signing new and exciting players, both sides were able to strengthen their squads, making them have better chances for the challenge. Manchester City signed Erling Haaland, who has openly expressed his desire to play United in the derby. United also signed players like Lisandro Martinez and Antony from Ajax, to strengthen their defense and attack respectively. Each of these players brought their individual talent and made the derby one to look forward to. 

The fixture will take place on October 2, 2022, at the Etihad Stadium; Manchester City’s turf. Fans of both clubs can only expect their team to seize the initiative and win the match, with City’s fans the most confident.