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Gonzalo Higuain was once one of the best strikers in Europe, with the former Real Madrid Juventus and Napoli frontman one of the most feared in the world when it came down to being in front of goal.

Of course, a move to Chelsea came at the wrong time for the Argentine striker as he was ageing and found the Premier League a little too difficult to manage, hence a move to the MLS where he joined Inter Miami.

Those that have followed his time in America will have been disappointed that he has been unable to light up the league as he did in La Liga or Serie A, as his struggles in England have certainly followed him across the Atlantic.

Indeed, when he arrived and perhaps even this season, those who continue to seek the best MLS odds available might have been looking at his ability to score goals in the division and a market they could capitalise on.

Nonetheless, the 34-year-old has just managed two goals this season, thus taking his overall tally to 15 goals in 45 MLS appearances, as well as a total of nine assists. Of course, those figures on paper do not look that bad, but you can imagine David Beckham and Phil Neville would have expected more from him.

Given his struggles in the MLS, though, he has handed another star striker some advice about potentially playing in the U.S., telling Luis Suarez that he needs to be prepared and that he should know it is a lot harder than he may imagine it to be.

“I thought that I would come here with a cigar in my mouth, but it is difficult,” Higuain said in a Twitch interview with Christian Vieri, per an article by Marca.

“It is a hard league. I learnt that it is similar to Serie A.”

There has been talk about a potential America switch for Suarez, with the player having been the subject of continuous speculation about a move once his days at Atletico Madrid come to an end.

It has already been claimed by Diario UF (via Marca) that he has decided it will be with Beckham at Inter Miami, a move that would probably end the career of Higuain in Miami.

The Uruguayan has spoken about the potential of moving to America in the past, too, with the former Liverpool and Barcelona man telling ESPN Deportes (via Marca): “The other day I was walking through San Francisco and people did not know me.

“The country is very big, football isn’t the main sport and you can be more relaxed. It is not a bad option.”