Burnley Football Club, Burnley, United Kingdom

Football in England had a very bad image in the late 1980s. English clubs were known throughout Europe for the hooliganism of their fans rather than their success on the pitch. After the Heysel disaster in 1985, English clubs were banned from European football organizations for 5 years, which was a turning point for English football. So, do you know how the English league became the premier league after this point? If your answer is no, you are at the right place. Let’s start without wasting any time. 

How Did It Begin 

England, which struggled with hooliganism during a 5-year period, managed to make a comeback in football starting from the 1990s. The England National Football Team reached the semi-finals of the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Manchester United won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1991.  The most important factor in the development of club football was the increase in revenues. Trying to increase the broadcasting and sports betting revenues of the English League with a new marketing approach, the clubs even considered establishing a mini super league. However, the English Football Association opposed this initiative and the idea of a Premier League, which was thought to satisfy all stakeholders, was put forward.

On July 17, 1991, the Founding Members’ Agreement was signed to establish the FA Premier League. Accordingly, the new league would be commercially independent from the English Football Association and the Football League, and the teams in the league would make their own commercial arrangements. On May 27, 1992, the First Division clubs collectively separated from the Football League to form the English Premier League as a company. 

First Champion Of The League 

Manchester United won the first event during the 1992–1993 season, which was the first Premier League season. The club had not won the top division since 1967, therefore this was a significant occasion. This team dominated the league that season under the renowned management of Sir Alex Ferguson, finishing 10 points ahead of Aston Villa in second place. When the Premier League first started, Manchester United’s success was based on a solid defense and a potent offense. Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce, Denis Irwin, and Paul Parker made up the team’s back four, and they were dependable and strong. 


The most recent broadcast rights agreement was made in 2019 and the league is valued at about $11.3 billion. It lasts through the end of the 2022–2023 season. With this agreement, the value of broadcast rights has significantly increased in recent years. It is anticipated to increase as the league’s popularity grows and its audience base broadens.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the Premier League represents the peak of football greatness, enthralling fans all over the world with its glittering history, ferocious rivalries, and legendary standard of play. It is a hive of talent, passion, and ambition where the best athletes in the world display their talents, coaches plan for success, and fans savor every second.