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 In the last few months, we’re all facing lockdowns and having more time on our hands than we know what to do with. For some, this is everything they could wish for, and for others, it’s painfully boring. Some are even on the quest to make fast cash for quarantine. That’s why many types of quarantine personalities emerged. Do you wonder what time of person you are in quarantine? Chances are, you fall into one of the categories that follow!

Types of Quarantine Personalities – #1 The Home Bodies

These types of quarantine personalities are having the most comfortable time being in lockdown. They are the self-declared homebodies that you can’t drag out of their home 90% of the time. Therefore, downtime spent streaming shows, staring at their phones, or playing video games is their dream come true. They may even finish an entire season of a show or reading a whole novel in one day.

The only time the homebody type is ready to get out is once they feel like they’ve seen everything good already. However, that feeling doesn’t last long; they are back home again the moment something good comes out to keep them occupied.

#2 – The Restless Ones

The exact opposite of the homebody is the restless type of person. Sadly, they are the ones struggling the most with being stuck at home. Before quarantine, these people were the social butterflies, always on the move.

In quarantine, they are always cooking, exercising, cleaning, or picking up new hobbies; they just cannot sit still. For them, it feels like the lockdown has slowed the movement of time, and it’s just awful.

#3 – The Travelers

Check on your friends who were constantly traveling before the lockdown; they are not ok. This type of person loves to jet set; they have a wanderlust spirit that can never tire of seeing new places. Now that they are stuck in one place and can’t even make plans to have something to look forward, they are suffering. In some cases, they had to cancel previously booked trips, the absolute worst.

All they can do is check their apps for flights and hotel deals, look at old photos and videos of their travels and cry until they fall asleep at night. Then dream of the moment they can travel again.

#4- Social Butterflies

The types of quarantine personalities that can’t go a day without seeing their friends are likely much more active on social media. These social butterflies can’t get enough of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They thrive off of likes and comments, and they may even have started a Tik Tok for a new way to get their social fix.

#5 – The Hobby Seekers

This type of person is always trying to find new ways to entertain themselves. You may find them picking up unusual activities like candle making, crocheting, or learning an instrument, only to drop it and pick up something new every few weeks.

Hobbyists need to feel like they are always doing something productive, so they love doing crafty activities.