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Welcome to taleoftwohalves.uk – a football site written by football fans.

On this site, we aim to tell you some of the stories you may have forgotten or stories you never even knew.

Hardly a traditional football site, we look to break the norm on the internet and within the football media world and give fans the opportunity to learn something new and different about the sport they love that they may not have originally been made aware of in the past.

Some of our contributors dig deep into the archives and look for stories that have been largely forgotten and deserve to be told once again, or they look to find the very best in uncovered gems from the world of football that need to be shared because they are just unbelievable.

Articles can range from being fun and informative listicles, opinion-formed pieces with the analysis and statistical data to help prove the point being made to columns about what has happened to some of the game’s stars over years to pieces around comments former footballers have made about decisions that have been made.

One thing unites all the contributors on this site and it is their love of the beautiful game and that will come across in our writing.

Have a story that you want to share that we have not already covered? Have a listicle that you think would be a great fit on our site and believe it can be something of interest to a large audience? Maybe you have come across a story that you know has not been shared and you want more people to know about it?

If that is the case, you are the writer that we are looking for, provided you can meet the criteria of being someone who shows your love of the game throughout your writing ability. If you do meet these requirements, then why not apply to write for us and get your own work seen!

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